Friday, January 7, 2011

It's easier to live in a fantasy then reliving a reality

Just made it before the lunch rush
Sinful thoughts
Pink's famous chili dogs
Once you give a thief food, he always comes back for more.

Tourist photo op with Miss. Danielle B. Me: white henley, H&M; leather fringe necklace, BCBG Max Azria, Ray-Ban Aviators, Sunglass Hut; anaconda embossed bag; H&M


Styling skills in the works. Empire-waist cropped pants, Zara; black and white stripped tee, Zara; boyfriend blazer, Zara; grey suede pumps, Zara

Ce Fiore frozen yogurt

A line of fallen stars

A melody in the air


Speaks for itself

To sum the day: Exhilarating with a side of traffic

Hello Lovelies,

This New Year has been a battle between good fortune and forlorn events (mostly my doing). Moving back to Orange County has really opened my eyes to the places that I have taken for granted in the past, especially living in San Francisco. I actually CRAVE the crisp air and spine chilling breeze of the bay city and can't wait to move back in the Fall. But I have realized that complaining about my situation will get me no where, so I will be concocting a survival plan until I go back (I'm up for any tips or suggestions if you have any).

All of the emotions and memories of my past self revitalized itself within the last week and has made me realize the people I have lost during the last transition of my life, most regrettably a relationship with a past lover. But when something that is important to you breaks, you try to fix it, right? Or at least die trying.

2011 for me is about repentance and repairing as well as reinventing and realization. The four "R's" that have become the holy pillars of my life.



  1. In the four years that I was in LA can you believe I never made it to Pink's ONCE? It was always on my list... now I'm so sad that I missed out. A trip to SoCal is a must. I miss it so! Looks like we are both missing our former cities!

  2. There's nothing like LA comfort food then Pinks! Always makes you feel better, and sometimes a few pounds heavier.

    I know! i need to make a trip up there to visit some friends and get a bowl of clam chowders from boudins! sounds so good right now


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