Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alexander McQueen. The fashion brand that ignited my love for fashion design and appreciation for art found in fashion. It was such a somber day when the press announced that he had passed. I remember finding out through numerous postings on Facebook and Twitter.

I was on a shuttle bus on my way to my next class near the Wharf. My heart stopped for a brief moment and the mechanics of my mind malfunctioned and froze. I'm not the one to cry over the death of a celebrity, but my emotions latched on to my vulnerable side and unhooked the gate that held the wells to my tears. After the first drop, I regrouped myself and quickly reached into my Bottega Veneta messenger to grab my Ray-Bans.

Class that day was not the same. 

I was not the only one that was affected. My creativity was stunted and I left feeling unproductive and uninspired.

He will always be known to me as the true Alexander the Great.

Anyways. I found these gems through my journey of picking out outfits for a client. True, they are beautiful, but unfortunately not the McQueen that i grew up and admired. Sarah Burton is a great woman, but I feel like the corporation side of the business got the best of her. The clothes produced on the retail end are beautiful and immaculate, but the fantasy is diminishing.

Is fashion really an art anymore? 
Or is it mediated by the financial growth of the company? 
Can this be mass produced to appeal to the full-ranged public? 

I don't think art should appeal to the entire public. Not everyone should own the same piece of art because that would otherwise make it common, ordinary, irrelevant.

Not the way you thought this blog post would go, right? 

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bringing Back Luxury to Resort

Detailing on a Alexander McQueen Jacket
Holographic sequins on Gucci tank dress

Luxurious Brocade of a Dolce & Gabbana Jacket

Shoulder Yoke detailing of a Stella McCartney Dress

Mesmerizing texture of Gucci Jacket

This season's resort collections really emphasized on the things that we want and impelled to have. 

Gucci's Frida Giannini took us on a well-overdue rendezvous to Rio de Janeiro, where not only iridescence of the skin is considered in, but also the clothes.

Dolce & Gabbana showed glamorous woven brocades paired back to subtle menswear. 

Talk about a Dandy in disguise.   

I feel a storm of glamour coming and everyone should brace themselves with a Swarovski encrusted trench coat and a pair of Valentino Rockstud sandals.  

Textiles played a large part in the illusion of grandeur. Fabrics were intertwined with radiant strands of gold and silver and knitwear were embellished with stones and sequins in sunset tones.

Next time you go shopping, I highly recommend stopping by Zara and trying on this white sequins number or splurging a bit and investing in this knock out of a vest by 3.1 Phillip Lim.


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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Conversation

A rainy San Francisco Saturday night, a few cocktails too many, and you have a blurry escapade with way too many exclamation marks. Accompanied by my good friend Marianna, we floated from the safe haven of nacho goodness at Fly Bar to the dangerous hallows of The Cinch (obviously sarcastic if you have ever been there).

My goal that night was to secure a pool table so i can further improve my skills of hitting balls into tiny holes. The Cinch is my go-to place whenever I have friends visiting or if i'm too lazy to venture to the Castro. This iconic gay-friendly dive bar has left me many nights with happy memories.

This night was especially interesting. I have always considered the act of "picking up someone" at bar as a superfluous scenario that only exists in Sex and the City.

Oh that Samantha.

There was a strung out visitor that was sitting to the right of us rocking out to his Beats earphones. My first thought was he must be on a good one to be so bold at a bar. The though directly after was how much I missed my raving days. PLUR.

Upon our third Cosmo, a gentleman man with a distinct taste level (and smell) approached the said tweaked out free-spirit and picked him up with a line and poorly strung sinker.

I kept asking myself if this was really happening. Maybe I had watched too many episodes of SATC and my last Cosmo made me too intoxicated to see reality.

Regardless, maybe that was what they both wanted; a good one night stand and another tick mark on their agendas.

At that point, I picked up my A.L.C track jacket and we sashay'ed to the wait line for our pool game.

Point of this entry? No point.

Welcome to Senseless Sundays. 


Remember to have a plate of fashion, scrambled with a a side of Savvy!

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