Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alexander McQueen. The fashion brand that ignited my love for fashion design and appreciation for art found in fashion. It was such a somber day when the press announced that he had passed. I remember finding out through numerous postings on Facebook and Twitter.

I was on a shuttle bus on my way to my next class near the Wharf. My heart stopped for a brief moment and the mechanics of my mind malfunctioned and froze. I'm not the one to cry over the death of a celebrity, but my emotions latched on to my vulnerable side and unhooked the gate that held the wells to my tears. After the first drop, I regrouped myself and quickly reached into my Bottega Veneta messenger to grab my Ray-Bans.

Class that day was not the same. 

I was not the only one that was affected. My creativity was stunted and I left feeling unproductive and uninspired.

He will always be known to me as the true Alexander the Great.

Anyways. I found these gems through my journey of picking out outfits for a client. True, they are beautiful, but unfortunately not the McQueen that i grew up and admired. Sarah Burton is a great woman, but I feel like the corporation side of the business got the best of her. The clothes produced on the retail end are beautiful and immaculate, but the fantasy is diminishing.

Is fashion really an art anymore? 
Or is it mediated by the financial growth of the company? 
Can this be mass produced to appeal to the full-ranged public? 

I don't think art should appeal to the entire public. Not everyone should own the same piece of art because that would otherwise make it common, ordinary, irrelevant.

Not the way you thought this blog post would go, right? 

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