Friday, December 10, 2010


The holidays are a time when new anticipations embrace old traditions and daily regrets turn into repents.
The nights of warm hot chocolate and ABC family Christmas reruns always trigger a moment of gratefulness in me and makes me thankful for the traditions that run in my family. Every year, around this time, my family takes part in a 'scavenger hunt' through Macy's for a new ornament for our tree and this year we came home with this little beauty; I call her Angie.

Do you have a favorite tradition that you carry out with your family during the holidays?



  1. the bokeh! i've been trying to perfect it! great pics!

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  2. @Aubrey:

    Thank you :]

    I had to try out my new camera and i guess i was just playing around with the functions.

    Awesome blog by the way. How did you get all your pictures to be the same size? i've been trying to do that, but have failed miserably lol


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