Saturday, December 11, 2010

RA sushi

One of my favorite splurges is on really good sushi. Nothing like an explosion of flavor in your mouth like a good tempura fried lobster roll or a bite of smoked salmon rolled with mango and cream cheese. RA sushi in Tustin, CA ( is definitely a place to mark on your list when deciding on an atmosphere-rich location for sushi. Their Crazy Monkey and Viva Las Vegas rolls are to die for and a must to try out if you ever visit. But the one thing that made RA stand out was their atmosphere. The best description I could give is an underground scene, shaken with a hint of red lighting. The service was great with an exception that they were really skimpy on refilling water. If anything, go for some good eye candy; the waiters were a good 8/10 on the Jude Law scale. Overall, it was a place worth going to on a lazy saturday night or simply to catch up with some old friends.

RA sushi in Tustin: 8/10

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